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Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
people. >> reporter: tennessee republicans lamar alexander and bob corker said the president has to take the lead. corker was not optimistic about the white house meeting. >> we're going end one a small kick the can down the road bill that creates another fiscal cliff to deal with this fiscal cliff. >> reporter: today's meeting at the white house is the first time since mid-november that at the present time has had all four congressional leaders in the same ram at the same time. their past fiscal cliff talks have not been productive. adding to the urgency, 2 million unemployed americans will lose their benefits on saturday if a deal is not reached. the nation's borrowing limit to finance is 16 trillion will be maxed out by monday. and it is unclear how lawmakers will move forward at this point, but if the senate is able to make a deal before the house returns to capitol hill sunday, house members will have about 24 hours to approve it. live at the white house, danielle nottingham. derek, back to you. >> danielle, thank you. >>> derek, you might remember a few weeks ago we built, the
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
governor bob mcdonald's revised budget includes modest spending increases in health care and teacher raises. changes in the $80 billion package adds about $211 million in spending. the money includes $59 million for a 2% teacher pay hike. $70 million to hold down state employee health insurance rates, and another $128 million deposit for rainy day reserves the. the governor says he's tempering the state's projected revenue over the next year because of the economic shock that could come as the country goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> republican congressman tim scott will replace south carolina senator james demint. south carolina's governor made that announcement earlier today. scott is a tea party-backed conservative. the appointment makes him the first african-american to represent the state of south carolina in the u.s. senate since reconstruction. however, he'll have to run again in 2014 in a special election. demint is resigning in january to become president of the heritage foundation. >>> president obama is expected to nominate john kerry to replace hillary clinton as the next
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
school. it caught the attention of chicago sun times reporter bob green and the principal. >> i was called on the carpet in charge of student discipline and he threatened to suspends me from school if i ever did it again. i promised to never do it again as long as i was at that school which was only for a couple of weeks so it was easy to keep. >> reporter: now he has ever manner from some of the game's greatest players. >> those were ted's personal copy of what they call hitter's hands. bronze casts of his hands holding one of his bats. that's the paragraph of warren spawn which was last photo ever taken of him. tim brown, clearly one of the greatest athletes of all time. not just football player but he was great at everything he did. >> reporter: those from the world after music grace his office as well. you have bruce springsteen and you have beethoven? >> we like to play beethoven for the kids before they go to sleep at night. >> reporter: there are the rarities like this knute rockne hand drawn play from 1918 and his star players the back field known as the four horsemen. those
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
friend and later turned the gun on himself. for example, bob costas blamed gun control. other sports writers suggested maybe football injuries or concussions had something to do with it. do we try to clean up or explain away the wrongdoings of people just because they're sports stars? >> i think there's two things at play here. sometimes yes, we do. there is research going on about repeated concussions, traumatic brain injury, not just in our football players, but in our soldiers who come back and have explosive episodes. so that's one thing, but you also have a pattern again and again in this country of men taking out their violence and anger against women who are their loved ones, taking their lives and no matter what's going on you cannot executes individual who took that life and left a baby -- excuse the individual who took that life and left a baby without parents. >> the team knew about this because they were counseling this couple. there were other people who saw things happening. i saw a statistic that just boggled my mind that, more than three women die at the hands
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4